Friday, March 5, 2010


School today is quite okay.


Most of my classmates went out for that workshop already. My class left only 6 person, and only two girls. -,- ISH. At first I thought it will be very boring, but after that I realized it was not bad because the class was really really quiet! hahaha. So peaceful so I could finish my karangan umum in time. phew.

Then was recess.

After recess I continued with my karangan rangsangan. ISH felt so sleepy lorr. I couldn't even write two paragraphs then fell asleep already. So quiet, so cold, so nice to sleep! hahahaha =)

Ah, I also decorated my table today. Um, not decorated lah, just .... I also don't know how to say. Because I don't have much 艺术天分, so just simply sticked photos NOT in order -,-

Peace =)

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