Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3rd of March

This is a nice date!

My aunty mimi just gave birth to a baby girl this morning =) hehehehe. SO happy for her! Went to visit her in the hospital just now. All my relatives were there and everyone was very happy discussing what name should be given to that new born =)

So happy! =)

* * * *

Hmm, life is no fun but hectic and tiring recently. Ish, I thought I can handle for at least the first three days of the week. Who knows, I sudah tak boleh tahan on Tuesday. =(

My ballet exam is around the corner, so more practice for me. My performance also falls on March holy day, so more and more practices. St.John camp is on the 17th, need to prepare for that too. That stupid UB is on next week pulak lah. Yea, I know it is not important but I also don't want any fail. I am not that kind of genius who can score very well even if they don't read that much. I just aim for a simple A. So, I have to give some effort on that stupid thing.

Whoopsy, forget about something, that is my state competition. -,- Ish, so, longer hours of traning lor. =( I know I am going to lose this time, but I am totally fine with it. Just that, I hate disappointment. SORRY.

And and and, his birthday falls in the middle of the month pulak! Ish, need to crack my mind again lor. -,- Not only his, somemore got vanessa, yungwen, eric, huey khim, brandon, hui yean, zhang yik, sista and papa! Wow, March is really LIVELY! hahahaha =) So many of my friends' birthdays. =)


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