Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm back!

Hohohoho, the sleep pig is back! hahaha.

School reopens, so sad. During the holiday, I WAS so happy. Everyday no homeworks, no pressure, no rushing, just outings and events! yeayy =) Even when I went to tuition classes, I was not serious at all also. Hahahaha. Nevermind lah, I guess alfred really bo song me liao. -,- But, not many people song me also lah. I always like ji pi gu talk so much, even I also bo song myself liao -,- ISH.

Will blog about my holiday when I am not staying back after school. =)

Don't know is there anybody STILL here? hahahaha.

My blog is rusting.

I am a siao zha bor.

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