Friday, March 12, 2010

Holiday? No

Haih, March holiday is here. Only for ONE week. where got enough!

I think for almost all my friends, we will be much busier in this holiday than in usual school day. Hate it. I have no time to rest. I want to go shopping, to release my tension, to do some sports or play some games. But, no time.

Actually we can't say that we have no time, just maybe we do not know how to arrange our time properly? but, how to arrange! Everything pack together ..... and become a mess! Ish. I just wish that we could have 50 hours in a day. That should be enough. XD

Anyway, I'll try not to tense myself up before I kill someone.

* *
Hmmm, En and Kherching are having their piano theory exam on Monday. GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST to you two! =) hahahaha, you are great, trust yourself and do your best. =)

Signing off. Nanti ada tuisyen. DUHHHHH.

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