Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hopeless Fellow

Mr.Alfred said that I am a hopeless fellow! XD hahaha, and, I agree with him actually.

He told my sister that I never attend his classes yesterday. Then my sister told him I overslept AGAIN lor. He asked my sister to buy me an alarm clock. Memang no hope liao lah that hopeless fellow. XD LOL.

Sigh* I don't know how already lah, always sleep sleep sleep in the afternoon. And usually terus sleep till 6 or 7pm. I memang hate myself! Why am I so pig? Chemistry and physics are important and hard subjects and I always skip his classes. Don't know what the hell am I doing also.

At first I decided not to sleep on every Tuesday and Friday, just because I don't want to skip classes again after chinese new year. This year is SPM year. I cannot do things like what I did in the past few years. Even my mom also very kan cheong about my SPM, somemore more kan cheong than I do. Last time when I skipped classes she langsung have no comment. Now, she starts to nag me everytime when I oversleep, or try to skip tuition classes. ISH.

WTH. This year is really a stupid year.

I don't know how to live through this lah.


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