Monday, March 30, 2009

how will it be ?

our school is having sport day rehearsal in these three days. I am participating in the pembarisan and I need to be exposed to the sunlight for three days !!!!!!!! arhhhh. I can't imagine how will i be if i don't apply sunblock.

it's tiring - by the way, sports day will be held on this friday. No classes, no uniform, relaxing ! xD

*i am so bored now* *-) how to insert a chatbox in the profile? =P sorry that i am as dumb as a rockkkkkkkk.

I need to keep fit!

ohhhhhh. SOMEONE said that i am fat for 20 percent more than last time. xD hahahaha. therefore, I need to keep fit ! eat less ! do more exercise. =P haha. but, it's quite impossible for me lar because i love food. =) haha. Eating is one of my hobbies - same as pjing. =P haha. right pjing ?

Anyway, i am trying my best now. xD but i will still eat my meals on time. Just, the amount will be less than last time. I still remember, last year i was really very very chubby and round, then during the mid-term exam, i got a virus infection in my body. So, i got to lose my weight for 2 to 3 kg !!! woohoo. xD can i say that it was a good chance for me to lose weight? =x hehehe.

I want to go to Bukit cahaya once more !!!!! xD hahaha.

Friday, March 27, 2009

healll please.

ohhhhhhh, the behind part of my foot and toes are numbed for six days already ! almost one week lea. It still don't want to recover to the normal foot. I am quite worried actually. >< i don't want to be like what my daddy has told me, the toes and fingers will ........... bla bla bla. i don't want to listen !!! T.T urghhhh !!!

if this condition becomes worse, aaa. I really don't know what to do already. =x

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feeling to kill myself. xD

AIyorrrrrrrrrr, i am so so so so forgetful, just like an old woman. =x first, i lost my sejarah text book. Now i am finding everywhere for a place which sells text books. xD now, i lost my comb ! haih * i can't even refresh my mind whether where i have put my comb. =.=

Kill me please. =x

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I miss my friendsssss.

hehehe =) this is the picture i get from pjing's blog. xD I don't have any pictures. Yorrrrrrrr, i miss the time i hang out with her, and vivian too. xD pjing, when can we go out again ? =)

haha, jil and en. xD doing boring stuffs at dear's house. I miss jil =) haha. Don't worry, i will support your school events. =) see you at that time !

I love you, daddy.

hehehe =) today is my daddy's birthday. Happy Birthday to you cutie daddy. xD And welcome back to Malaysia =D i know you miss here very much ! muahhhh.

there, my dad. xD the fatty cutie one. =P don't eat a lot again a ! take care of your health, and be healthy always.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sleepy mood.

I am currently in a very sleepy mood. xD i can sleep anywhere i want to.But, many situations don't allow me to sleep. YOrrrrrrrrrrrr, i want to be a sleeping ugly lar. xD

I want to sleeep ! =P by the way, sleep can keep me away from the cruel reality. isn't it good ? =)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to my youngest sister. =)

hahaha, she's - pretty, crazy, vain, SOMETIMES understanding. wahahaha. oh, i forget. She's a good dancer too. xD haha. she's like me, love to dance.

Yesterday she celebrated her birthday and i slept in my room. Aihh. pity me lar, no one woke me up and they finished the whole cake without left-ing a single little piece of cake for me. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. mou yi hei. hng !

Hey, you're one year older now. Please be more obedient ya. xD

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm off to hell. =P

Haiyorrrrrrr. the time won't stop. And therefore, i need to go the hell tomorrow. And i'll be back sooon ? no, it's not soon for me. It's a long long time.

Anyway, sorry guys that i do not update my blog very often. xD because YOU know i have two blogs what. I give more of my concentration in another private bloggie. I can write three or four articles there in a day. So, i don't know what to write here actually. xD so just simply type those lameee things. xD hahaha. Hope you all won't mind lar. =)

I'll leave this blog to my beloved pjing. hehehe ^^ I will missssssssss youuuuuuuu =)

bored bored bored.

MY holiday is sooo boring !!! I am bored, bored and BORED. T.T waaaaa, someone please rescue me from this cage. I want to fly, see the world. xD hahaha. and enjoy life with my dear family and friends. =)

Thursday is coming. The place of hell is waiting for me and jil. JIL, stay calm =) everything will be alright. Haha, don't get panic yo ! I believe that you can handle it. Don't worry, you will have the course and just learn properly, you will pass the exam. ^^ I don't want thursday ! I hope that the time will just stop at 11.59 18.3 wednesday. xD how good if this thursday never come. I don't want to go the HELL. T.T

by the way, this is me and en handmade-cake. very ugly, but taste OK. =P

Happy Birthday again =) *get the pic from eric's blog xD*

Hng !

Finally YOU get what you want, so happy right now ? okay. Don't find troubles to the people around you already. I get fed upppppp of that ! HNG !

You happy, i happy. Stop bullshitting ya. =)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Sweet 16.

Happy Birthday to my friendsss =)

2nd . wei jin
13th . da jie =)
14th . yung wen
15th . lay ching
16th . ericc
18th . ayam brand bro xD
21st . kor =>
23rd . wee tin
30th . janice !

I think I didn't left anyone out right ??? hahahah. xD yea, one more.
Of course I will not forget to wish my YOU a Happy Birthday ! =) hehe.
And my family too - 23rd . youngest sister and two days later . my daddy =)


I don't like this holiday ! It's not fun, it's dull and boring. I cannot do whatever I wish to do, but everyday forced by my daddy to practise add maths. Go away bloddy hell you. Grrrr. Hmm, tomorrow is a poor day for me again. Going to a place which is similar like a hellllll. =P NO! it's totally A HELL. T.T

I rather be a sleeping ugly during this whole week holiday. NO FUN.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

You Changed.

You used to be friendly with all of us =) and laughed together, thought of solutionsss when we have some problems. But now,

You are soo Arrogant !
You are soo selfish.
You become very unfriendly.
You are impolite to all of us, especially elders and the kids.
You are hot-tempered.
You don't care what your friends and family feel,
You cannot accept other comments.
You lovee and long for victory
You cannot accept any failure.
You spend too much money.
You love to see people when they are down.
You will start to jealous when they are on high stations.
You dooo secret sins. =x
You cannot share everything with people.

I just want to tell you - stop bullshitting around us ! You are so annoying you know. When i tell you about this, you'll just ignore it and give me a fierce glance. Advice from us - find the last-time-you.

And, don't shed your crocodile tears when you need our help okay. -.-

Monday, March 9, 2009

Midnight tuition.

Since my bloooody hell confusing add maths is super duper lousy, my dad insists to give me extra classesss. And he said that I am having a superb teacher, which is him, himself. xD omg, sooooo zi lian lar him.

Okay, the one-to-one tuition class commenced at midnight 12 am. xD He needs to recall whatever maths knowledge that he have 30 years ++ ago. xD pity him. I told him not to think until sooo hard, but he refused to listen to me. Whatever -

Until 1.30 pm, he's still bla-ing with me all about the graphs graphs graphs. He's really dedicated to this teaching, and I thank him so much =) although i don't like it. He's always a busy man, but still, wants to teach me add maths. zzzz =P

Thank you daddy. =) I hope i won't disappoint you next time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


hahaha, finally i created another blog. I know pjing is very eager to read this. xD but pjing, actually, there's nothing interesting to read also. =P hahaha, no picture, and my life is very tedious. Just everyday on the sameee tone. xD

Well, I haven't inform anyone about this blog, including my dear. xD hahaha. Just see who will be the first to discover this innocuous looking blog. blehhhh ~ Hmm, i expect the first three months there will still be NO readers. xD

Anyway, anyone is welcome here =) especially my intimate friends. And, leave any comment through the article comment because I do not know how to deal with the chatbox. xD And, i am lazy too ! hehe.