Sunday, March 8, 2009


hahaha, finally i created another blog. I know pjing is very eager to read this. xD but pjing, actually, there's nothing interesting to read also. =P hahaha, no picture, and my life is very tedious. Just everyday on the sameee tone. xD

Well, I haven't inform anyone about this blog, including my dear. xD hahaha. Just see who will be the first to discover this innocuous looking blog. blehhhh ~ Hmm, i expect the first three months there will still be NO readers. xD

Anyway, anyone is welcome here =) especially my intimate friends. And, leave any comment through the article comment because I do not know how to deal with the chatbox. xD And, i am lazy too ! hehe.


  1. eeekk~~ xDD i am eager lalala =DD hahaha =DD want me help u edit rofl! im bored and its holiday =DD weeee~~

  2. hahaha. xD yea, i need your help seriously. xD very lazy go find layout and insert the chatbox here. xD not lazy lar, is don't know. xD