Monday, March 30, 2009

I need to keep fit!

ohhhhhh. SOMEONE said that i am fat for 20 percent more than last time. xD hahahaha. therefore, I need to keep fit ! eat less ! do more exercise. =P haha. but, it's quite impossible for me lar because i love food. =) haha. Eating is one of my hobbies - same as pjing. =P haha. right pjing ?

Anyway, i am trying my best now. xD but i will still eat my meals on time. Just, the amount will be less than last time. I still remember, last year i was really very very chubby and round, then during the mid-term exam, i got a virus infection in my body. So, i got to lose my weight for 2 to 3 kg !!! woohoo. xD can i say that it was a good chance for me to lose weight? =x hehehe.

I want to go to Bukit cahaya once more !!!!! xD hahaha.

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