Thursday, March 12, 2009

You Changed.

You used to be friendly with all of us =) and laughed together, thought of solutionsss when we have some problems. But now,

You are soo Arrogant !
You are soo selfish.
You become very unfriendly.
You are impolite to all of us, especially elders and the kids.
You are hot-tempered.
You don't care what your friends and family feel,
You cannot accept other comments.
You lovee and long for victory
You cannot accept any failure.
You spend too much money.
You love to see people when they are down.
You will start to jealous when they are on high stations.
You dooo secret sins. =x
You cannot share everything with people.

I just want to tell you - stop bullshitting around us ! You are so annoying you know. When i tell you about this, you'll just ignore it and give me a fierce glance. Advice from us - find the last-time-you.

And, don't shed your crocodile tears when you need our help okay. -.-


  1. xD who's this? do i noe LOL =.= kpc hahah zz

  2. hahaha . xD tell you when we hang out next time =)