Wednesday, March 18, 2009

bored bored bored.

MY holiday is sooo boring !!! I am bored, bored and BORED. T.T waaaaa, someone please rescue me from this cage. I want to fly, see the world. xD hahaha. and enjoy life with my dear family and friends. =)

Thursday is coming. The place of hell is waiting for me and jil. JIL, stay calm =) everything will be alright. Haha, don't get panic yo ! I believe that you can handle it. Don't worry, you will have the course and just learn properly, you will pass the exam. ^^ I don't want thursday ! I hope that the time will just stop at 11.59 18.3 wednesday. xD how good if this thursday never come. I don't want to go the HELL. T.T

by the way, this is me and en handmade-cake. very ugly, but taste OK. =P

Happy Birthday again =) *get the pic from eric's blog xD*

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