Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm off to hell. =P

Haiyorrrrrrr. the time won't stop. And therefore, i need to go the hell tomorrow. And i'll be back sooon ? no, it's not soon for me. It's a long long time.

Anyway, sorry guys that i do not update my blog very often. xD because YOU know i have two blogs what. I give more of my concentration in another private bloggie. I can write three or four articles there in a day. So, i don't know what to write here actually. xD so just simply type those lameee things. xD hahaha. Hope you all won't mind lar. =)

I'll leave this blog to my beloved pjing. hehehe ^^ I will missssssssss youuuuuuuu =)


  1. off to hell, at least we came back in one piece. i really dreaded it there. i only enjoyed the jokes we made there. haha. [ps. its really hell there! = = i feel so weird when i pass by kh private now. lol.]

  2. yea, same same !@! xD hahaha. i feel that my school is totally heaven =)