Monday, March 9, 2009

Midnight tuition.

Since my bloooody hell confusing add maths is super duper lousy, my dad insists to give me extra classesss. And he said that I am having a superb teacher, which is him, himself. xD omg, sooooo zi lian lar him.

Okay, the one-to-one tuition class commenced at midnight 12 am. xD He needs to recall whatever maths knowledge that he have 30 years ++ ago. xD pity him. I told him not to think until sooo hard, but he refused to listen to me. Whatever -

Until 1.30 pm, he's still bla-ing with me all about the graphs graphs graphs. He's really dedicated to this teaching, and I thank him so much =) although i don't like it. He's always a busy man, but still, wants to teach me add maths. zzzz =P

Thank you daddy. =) I hope i won't disappoint you next time.

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