Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I miss my friendsssss.

hehehe =) this is the picture i get from pjing's blog. xD I don't have any pictures. Yorrrrrrrr, i miss the time i hang out with her, and vivian too. xD pjing, when can we go out again ? =)

haha, jil and en. xD doing boring stuffs at dear's house. I miss jil =) haha. Don't worry, i will support your school events. =) see you at that time !


  1. lol! gimme a call and i wil be come lepak v u XDD *doesnt include my mom's thinking thx xp*

  2. woohooo !!!!!!! thanks ya . xD hahaha. anyway, i hope that holiday will come again very soonn. I want holidays !