Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A for Add maths

Hahahaha, I am sorry for posting all the kids' pic,
but they are just so cute I cannot resist!
I took lots of pictures of them so I uploaded them here :P hehe.

Well, day 5 is OVER! Ohhhhhh yes!
Five more to go, I have lived through half of the spm papers.
but the bad news is, the remaining five subjects are super tough 
subjects till I can die studying them. somemore 3 are subjects
which I hate the most in my whole life. so how? 
How to live for another 5 subjects? Gonna faint -,-

Tomorrow I have Add Maths, 

Say good luck and god bless to me alright?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome back

*cute picture agree? :)*

Well well well, I am very happy again because
day 4 is overrrrrrrrr! Although we only have maths,
but I am still happy enough because I am one day closer to
independant day ♥

My brother came back, finally. hahaha.
I don't know whether is good for him or not,
but I know is good to have the whole family together

Well, another thing is, I can't stop planning and thinking about
the activities I should do after SPM omg! Any brilliant idea?

Till then, I shall stop here. hehe.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Devil wins

*I super love this picture :)*

It's an imperfect Sunday.
SPM papers are going to be continued tomorrow.
Damn sad :(

Well you know, I have two person in me. 
One side of me is angel, another side of me is evil devil. 
So, they are always fighting and arguing,
especially during the time when I need to go to bed.

Angel : sp faster go study lea, to get a better result.
Devil : study so much for what? go sleep better lah you.
Angel : you need to sacrifice your sleeping time to study! 
Devil : don't need one. you sacrifice your sleep you will look even uglier d. 
Angel : Nooooo, just for few hours what. study more!
Devil : you need to take care of your skin. go have a 美容觉.
Angel : now is not the time for 美容觉, is the time to pia chek.
Devil : chek everytime also pia bu wan one. You need to pamper yourself more.
Angel : Pamper also must see if is the right time, please go study!

so there you go, the argument becomes

Sigh but I tell you the result,
in the end, devil wins and I go to bed super early.
Angel ah angel, can you be more powerful please?
I seriously need your help.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

The inside and the outside

*the original picture is not like that, I have no idea why it will rotate by itselt*

Well, this is dessert at Lucky Jelly :) hehehe!
My love!

You know what, yesterday after my sister came back from Alfred's tuition class,
and below are conversation of alfred and my sister.

Alfred : eh, how's your sister doing?
sister : okay ar. very good lor.
Alfred talking to the whole class : her sister is a bit special one, because she never got nervous!
sister : ...................

So sister told me about this and I laughed my ass off.
How he knew that I never got nervous? hahaha so funny.
so I pun told my dad about this and my dad laughed as well.

Dad : Alfred didn't know you. He knew you in the outside but didn't know you in the inside.
Me : how to say?
Dad : You look NOT nervous on the outside but I know that you are nervous like hell in the inside.

I am seriously not nervous about SPM.
just very pek cek because need to study sciences now.
I damn hate sciences and everytime I study I surely
will bite my book and tear some pages into pieces.
Not because of that I am nervous, is because of
I don't feel like reading everytime.


OH Alfred you know me so well. hahahaha daddy you think too much liao!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Ah Feel Goooood


Next week I have "great" subject.
can cry reading it.
You know lah, I already cannot stand reading

My neighbourhood is sooooooooooooo
NOT safe now.
last week, I heard that someone was raped and today,
my dad's and my neighbour's car mirror was broken
by parliar people and I didn't know what actually happened.

Ugh, sooooooooooo ...... annoying!
Having the guards so what? macam useless also.

Say again, GOOD LUCK TO ME :D

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Extreme Cheesy Pizza!

First time trying this, I think that it's okay only. Not as good as I have expected. I think I will prefer the original cheese woooots :)

My mum just received an article saying that,



I think the article is somehow true, so I should really reduce the intake of cheeses, yogurts, vitagens, yakult and all :( so damn sad can. But I think every food is good and is also bad in some way. So just balance them, then you can eat everything again! yeay :P hahaha. *I am crapping ignore me*

Well, Day 3 is OVER is OVER is OVER is OVER!
Sejarah is super OVER is super OVER is super OVER!
One week is OVER too is OVER too is OVER too!
No more sejarah in my life (I guess) hahaha!

Now, I should really start preparing for my science subjects,
although I don't aim for an A, but I think I should not be too lan
at least must get an A- ba? hahaha :)

Say, good luck to me! ;)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Tomorrow Sejarah, HOW?


Day 2 is OVER is OVER!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who's cuter?

Obviously is the chubbier one lah :P

Hahahahaha, I think you, yes you should get fatter leh! Why so skinny one T.T

First day is OVER is OVER is OVER!
Seriously, I write the answers until very sien
already half sleeping. So, many stupid errors behind.
For example,
18 orang anggota pengganas menentang 180 orang pengganas komunis.
Make sense? yes, only in my sleeping mode.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!


SPM is in 24 hours time.
Ugh, I don't know what to say.

But anyway, I'll still keep my blog update with random stuffs. hahaha! I know I am stupid, I should 100% concentrating on my study. I just couldn't. My brain capacity is so limited so I can only study until certain limit per day. If not, you'll not see me here but I'll be eating my books already.

You know, papa and mama are just so concern about me and are willing to do anything for me as long as I feel comfortable studying. I just, don't want to disappoint them! but how, I already plan to give up my sejarah and science subjects. I only aim for BI, Add maths and maths. Moral of course must get an A lah. So if I am really so stupid, I will be getting minimum of 4A which is super uber zuber little. (I can go long pia or not haha) NO LAH, must get straight As! man man deng -,- I don't know what's wrong with me.

Anyway, is 22nd today. Happy Birthday to Yinyee! :D hahaha, she's really a sweet girl.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Farewell Party

It was St.John Majlis Perpisahan oh yeah! I told them I didn't want to go one but since exam is around the corner of course I die die must go enjoy myself, run away from the stupid revision.

We played games, this was my group hahaha, shao qian was a girl lah normal.

Opponent group

Zhihan and I :) hahaha! We were the victim for the balloon-stepping I don't know what to call xD

Huey Khim and I we both wore green pants!

hahahaha, skipping away because they wanted to destroy my balloon!

Okay, I was indeed very sampat,

Pleaseeeeeeeeeee don'tttttttt breakkkkkk myyyyyyy balloonnnnnnn!

Jump shots,

My hair was super messy omg!

okay again!

The early bird, we were waiting for the others,

I think our juniors were quite bao li coz all games also very bao li -,- hahaha jkjk!

Thuan song kena hukum,

We got lollipops! omg so kiddy,

At night, BBQ time.

The girls,

Chilling in the living room after eating,

Later, was champagne time!

I had no idea how to open so ying jing helped me :P

Ying jing also couldn't open so thuan song helped her,

I thought it was about to "POP" and flew up the air,

butttttt, ended up the cork just "pheww" macam lau hong and drop to the floor! walao epic fail! XD


Then, the juniors prepared Kong Ming lantern (was illegal one) hahaha! I was writing my wishes,

Engseng, Me and Ah boon! (oh ya, the MP was held at Wenhui a.k.a Ah boon's sister's house) hahaha, so we had lots of fun with the cute boy!

Rasa Sayang Hey!!!!

Chatting with the classmates, :) aw I miss them!

Releasing the kong ming lantern under the rain!

Receiving souvenir from juniors,

Group picture of the BEKAS! :D

Group picture of everyone who attended!

Lastly, I'll end this entry with a pic of kong ming lantern full of wishes :D haha!

Well, I try my best to keep my blog update alright? I hope you guys still visit :) and sorry for the short short caption hehehe, nevermind since, pictures speak a thousand words! hehehehehe.

SPM is in two days time. OMG, OMG, OMG I don't feel really nervous but I will feel super nervous when I think of getting the result back. I hope it won't look like shit.

God Bless Me!