Thursday, November 4, 2010


Another post of the happenings in school, well I am graduating from high school soon, so recently I am very into class activities and what not. I don't want to leave regrets and boredom behind. haha!

It's very random, meaning all the pictures are not really related hehe.


They were playing some games in class,

Ini orang 骚 :P

They were so diligently practising the class performance,

and we were so pek cekly figuring the arrangement out, you know, it's really hard especially when we need to please everybody. So, I hope you guys don't mind. but we will try our best :D

Future Italianese hahahaha, I must kiam pui and squeeze into your luggage oh bring me to Italy please!

No electric supply so uber hot, so we were chilling outside the classroom,

look at this thuansong, hahaha!

sexy molly :P

sexy peace,

You know s1 pun ada vandalism!

Tracy, Janice, En and I ♥

the best DJ ever kay, like what szeming said "things will not progress so fast without him" thank you lots guan yee :)

har har har, I didn't see anything can. hehe.

Our beloved Mr.Lim Kong Yew brought this Famous Amos cookies to class to treat those who got 100 marks for maths in trial exam. There were 6 of them but all of us got to eat! wheee, thank you guys :) I think I really ate a lot and the cookies were super yummy. Me want more ♥


Picture with Puan Tan our chinese teacher :)

take 2,

the song which she recommended, because she said that the song suited us quite much.

A very nice shot by Vanessa Dajie ;D

Our beloved responsible monitor heh heh, and I am not surprised that he got the Anugerah Ketua Kelas Terbaik! wheee, clap clap for you!

we buddies always huddle round and have some talks, hehe ♥ it.

Another nice picture taken by Dajie, my spongebob squarepant! ♥♥

Gay lou :P

Spot my name? I suck in coccuriculum can,

and I have really diligent, super rajin classmates, I wish I was like them,

Hahaha molly likes to tengok tengok,

I am ♥ing my classmates more and more!

Quote of the day : We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.
Arthur O’Shaughnessy

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