Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We rock the stage! ♥

I am finally here to update my beloved blog again. Do you guys still visit? :)

Two years of classmates-ship, I think that was the first and the last and the only one time for us sharing the stage together. So, of course all of us must rock the stage lah! After the boring formal part, all classes went away to prepare themselves for the performances.Then here we were again,

*Pictures from awesome Teng Han*

5S6 ♥ You know I was feeling super awful because I missed S6's performances! omg omg omg, I missed the chance to watch bk dancing aw so sad. :( Because they were the first one. Sigh*

Hahaha cute birdy!

5S2 ♥ I missed the front part. When I was on my way to the hall, I heard their songs but I thought they were just testing the effect or what. But when I asked the other people downstairs, they told me the performances started I was like HUH WHAT???? ran 1000000 meter per second to the hall. Luckily didn't miss rongkai's sexy pose hahaha!

oh rk! hahaha,

sexy M legs,

hahahaha XD rongkia, I never realised you got such good talent to dancing :)

5S4 ♥  Saw my beloved kailing? :) She danced great!

James Bond haha!

5S5 ♥  Lady Gaga

I love the shirts! so cuteeeeee can


5A4, OH!


5A1 ♥  Munjie and Vivian !!!

Lady Gaga?


5S3 ♥ my Yen Peng and Pjing!

5SSS1 !!!!!


Pelajar Misali dancing Michael Jackson's step awww


During practice, don't-know-who said they were like little chicken finding food haha! nah, just kidding

Last pose ♥  hahaha!

Singing part ♥ You know, I was totally blocked by Chung Lun he's so tall XD

flower-giving to Puan. Norashikin, Happy Birthday! :) and also, thank you to my beloved sister for buying the flower for us

See she was so gam dong


Cute chuan liong haha!



I am so sorry because this post is so lame. Everything is on facebook already. hahaha!

Anyway, I really love it so I must still share here! ♥ 


oh yea, finally can see me! standing at the back row beside tracy and jia wei!

Another version on facebook,


LOVE ~~~~~~~~ YOU!

Tidy not tidy not? hahaha!

hahaha this one also can see me! :PPPP


Another version on facebook,

Another another version :P,

I love Jessie's expression, looking so confident


Vivian and Suyee holding mic


Jia Wei came out from nowhere for a short speech, to wish our form teacher Happy Birthday and thanks to all teachers,

 Got leng zai or not? hahahahaha.

Another another another version,
this one I know, from Kenneth Lai's profile :)

WOAH @.@

Oh en I love your smile, so bright




Finally pose

Why he was like wanting to eat the mic??? XD

Awwwwwwwwww HUGS*

Back to S2 a while, because I super like these pictures,


OMG, this is so nice!

Lastly, I am ending this super long but a bit lame entry with a picture of me ....... dancing sampatly haha!

I have no idea who took this, anyway thank you lah hahaha! (although I look ugly, I ben lai jiu ugly mar) :D

♥  我想念和你们在一起的时光

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