Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My cute braids haha!

Well, tomorrow is our graduation day. OMG, I have lots of feeling now. I thought I would be indifferent at first, since I don't think graduating is bad thing. But now, I don't know what should I say, sooooooo heavy-hearted already. I love my classmates (I don't notice about this at first haha so bad right)! They are so lovely and adorable and nice to get along with. They will really make me feel good, especially those closer friends.

Leaving is the worst thing for me now. (Yea although we will still meet later), this time is really different. We share the stage together for the first and the last and the only one time. We do things together like we never have. We talk to more people instead of those closer friends only. We take picture with each other. Aw feeling so nice. ♥

Reminiscing five years ago, I cried badly on my primary graduation day after listening to the song 朋友. I hugged with my girlfriends, shoke hands with my male enemies haha! Lots of different feeling on that day. You know, bk was superly my enemy in primary school. But on graduation day, we shoke hands and we were friends. Yea, that's how I feel, so different compared to the normal schooldays. I have no idea how I will feel this time. Cry? I don't think so haha! (I am not a small girl anymore!) One thing for sure, I will be so reluctant to say goodbyes to my friends and classmates here.

Okay, back to my title. I have cute braids? certainly ... NO! My braids seriously look very ugly until I don't know what to say about them. lol. But, I used to tie braids to school for like 2 years plus plus everyday during my primary school time can! That time I was like super hate tieing braids. and I think my braids at that time looked like 一粒一粒的大便 hahaha! seriously because I had really thick hair.

One day I suddenly had a whim to tie my nerd hairstyle back. but, look so different this time, like this,

Okay, no comment because still look ugly. haha!

* * * * *

Today is one day before graduation day, or we can say it's our last day spending time in class. I have lots of fun with the classmates and I have learnt how to play "happy birthday" with a guitar, awesome jia wei taught me but he only taught me half way duh. Busy orang ini. haha! And, the best thing is, en en made fruit salad for the girls so likey ♥ And what else, yea we played captain ball again but this time, I feel that we are not so excited liao. hahaha!

Besides, we have received our class magazine and also school magazine. Okay ignore the school magazine. Talk about class magazine, it is soooooooo awesome thick and full of precious words by my classmates. I think I am soooo inferior compared to them because they write soooooo longly but I write so shortly. sigh* nevermind, wu xim tio ho. :) I will treasure that magazine, thank you to the committees! ♥

I know you guys banyak lazy read I just write for fun. Told ya, have lots of feelings mixing together before graduation. Leaving or saying goodbyes is just so ...................................... SAD. but, what to do,


I am looking forward to all the fabulous gathering in the future!

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