Monday, November 8, 2010

Adele: Rise of the Mummy

It was Deepavali Eve. I was not studying but I went out chilling with my sister. hahaha.

But before that, daddy brought all of us out for lunch at Guilin Restaurant in Klang town. and this abalone, (I don't really like abalone) like that one abalone costed us rm98. OMG, ate liao also xim tia. Don't you think so? :(

Then off daddy gave us a ride to ..... Aeon. Yea, where else?

Aeon, had some bread in Lavender so yums and I like this, Milk Cheese Stick :D

And we had a guest,

hahaha you can find out who is the guest from the weak reflection in the honey tea. yea, whoelse?

Had a little little shopping :P

Then sister and I decided to watch a movie. We had no choice but to watch Adele: The rise of the mummy because time was not on our side.

Pretty Confident Paris Woman

Oh she was really adventurous and brave and .... oh I just hope that I could have half of hers.

The year is 1912. Adele Blanc-Sec, an intrepid young reporter, will go to any lengths to achieve her aims, even sailing to Egypt to tackle mummies of all shapes and sizes.

Well overall, I don't think this movie is so good but still okay. I don't really like the storyline because it is illogical. Memang tak logic! But another thing I like in the movie is, PARIS. I like the buildings, I like the way the local people dress themselves, I like the way the people talk. Oh my, you know there is this one scene where, Adele and her sister were wearing long skirts and really nice hats and guess what? They were playing tennis. hahahaha! but they played elegantly. Ah, I don't know how to explain lol.


Had a good day with my beloved. and I had gone to shopping again the next day.
I was like totally ignoring the fact that SPM is really around the corner. hahaha!
Well, I thought this is the behaviour - Relax. Jangan Tense.
But, I think is wrong. So is not good to feel tensed up, is worse to feel relax. wth.
So, how should I feel exactly?
Quote of the day : I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.
Vincent van gogh – artist
Again, I dream of getting Straight A in SPM! Yeah.

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