Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Well, it was a Thursday morning.

Our graduation day.

I was feeling emo the night before, hahaha, didn't know why. Maybe I was feeling scared of leaving the familiars and approaching to the unfamiliars. I don't know how to face a new world. I always need friends by my side.

I always think that graduation ceremony is very boring, but this time, was different to me.

Before heading to the school hall, I was helping out with the presents in the class.

Picture from Molly, Eric so nice gave her a full attendant cert because she came to school for the last whole week. Awwwwwwww!

Hahaha, I only got Anugerah Perak. Yes, was good enough but it was so bad compared the classmates. Like Sze Ming said, he felt so xia sui but I was still okay lah. Not the first time also haha!

Anugerah B.K. Soh, I was sooooooo proud of you guys. Number one two three were all from Hin Hua gang! You guys are awesome!

Anugerah Ketua Kelas Terbaik :D Agree agree! hahaha.

Anugerah Pelajar Misali, awwww super agree :) all from 5S1! I am so proud to be one of the 5S1s can! :)

Picture with Pjing ♥

Me, Chiavoon, Yati and Tracy ♥ The Perak holder :D

Tracy don't cry don't cry hugs**** ♥

Picture with Sze Ming :D

I think this picture is so sweeeeet

Janice sayang :)

Part two, during performances.

I wanted to give Puan. Kawsalya the flower but I couldn't find her in school, so sad :( You know, I am so thankful to her because she taught me add maths well. I am so bad in sciences luckily I am better in add maths under her guidance. The first time I fail my add maths one but after that I got all hundreds in monthly test and A in exams and A+ in my trial! Aw, thank you thank you ♥

On the stage ♥

Picture with Puan Tan

Awwwwwwwww ♥

Ah boon is always so gayish XD

hahaha funny! XD

Zuer and I ♥

Amanda and I ♥

Kailing and I ♥

Awwww, Kherching, Vivian and I ♥♥

Teng Han and I ♥

Soh Ling and I ♥

Jiunn How and I ♥ thanks for being a good friend ;)

Yen Peng and i ♥

I didn't get to take a pic with Molly on that day, so I curi this picture from her blog hahah! ♥

Picture with Yungwen ♥

Engseng and I ♥

I will always miss Kwang Hua ♥

hahaha Guan Yee was so cute behind!

Nyee Huey and I ♥ she is a very cute girl :)

Picture with Xuan Hui ♥ She's a super nice girl aww :)

Lastly, I'll end this entry with a picture of me and my beloved Pjing ♥

Yes, I did cry on that day.


♥ 谢谢你们带给我的回忆 ♥


♥   谢谢你们 ♥

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