Friday, November 12, 2010

I ♥ Kwang Hua

These were days before graduation ♥

Sweetie En prepared my favourite fruit salad for the girls! Aw how sweet of her right? :)

Superb girls ♥


This is the thickness of our class magazine, thicker than a success book but, it's so touching ♥

Thanks to all the class magazine's committees xin ku lah :D

So, it was a Wednesday / last day before graduation. We decided to go for PJ class together again :) Playing captain ball ♥ This time, we arranged the group one day before and the first group got to wear white tees and the second group got to wear colour tees. Erhem, I was in the second group! haha. So, I would call my group a colourful group and the opponent boring group :P heh heh heh!

Let's start the game!

Tracy was like, hui mou yi xiao xD

what was happening?

Khoon Kheng terseliuh duh :(

Then we decided to take a group picture at the staircase near our school field. I like this picture because, it looks natural :D

Say 5, Say S, Say 1!


Current, A. :P

The guys were so sampat!!!!

I think Jia Wei kena rogol xD

SEEEEE hahahaha!

The girls ♥ ♥ ♥

The guys ♥ ♥ ♥

The Datins and the Yati ♥  Awwwww

Group picture with Mr.Wong

Okay, see also know is something not good :P

hahaha, four of us cheong to the front yeahhh!


Salute to the s6-rians hehe.

Love ♥  Me, En, Tracy ♥

The girls' power !

Got the school magazine on the same day too,


Wei Neng and I :)

Awwwwwww love it ♥

beloved friends ♥

I was actually pointing to New York haha!

UNITED STATES, got pros and cons going there also.


heh heh, you know what? I think I look tall here! so happy :D

Boon and I ♥

Neng and I again ♥

Wei Qin and I ♥

MY SP 22 JERSEY! ♥ they said is siao po tut tut lol!

On, Jiawei, Neng :)

The sampat guys can, couldn't believe that yungwen also did that hahahaha!

cutie chee seng and i wahaha!

Good good Jia Wei and I :) you know, he is really a superb monitor and a great friend ♥

Molly and I ♥ 

Wei Neng and Jia Wei (they said this is a handsome pic zi lian dao) :P

Alright, forget to mention that the above pics are from my awesome Tracy again :)

Pictures below are from awesome Janice ♥

Pictures from Awesome Olivia ♥

Picture with Puan Khor ♥

I was so LOL, failed!

Love this picha! ♥

I have loads more pic to share, because pictures speak a thousand words.

Graduation post up next perhaps? :)

I love you Kwang Hua, I love you 5S1, I love you girls and guys ♥

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