Saturday, November 6, 2010

Grab the ball!

Well, wednesday was our PJ lesson. The guys used to play football with the s2 guys but this time, they were playing captain ball with us :) I think it should be counted as one of the class activities before graduation ba :) Most of them participated in the game and I had lots of fun :)

Hehehehe, picture by me - Jia wei with Bing's peace!

Picture by me again me love!

Credit to don'tknowwho hahaha. I love this picture alot but I should be looking at the camera and I forgot what distracted me. hahaha.

So when most of them came, we started the game. We were divided up into 2 groups according to our numbers in class - odd or even. I was in the odd group. And, the best thing was, odd groupmates need not to tuck in the t-shirt while even group people did! hahaha. But the not so good thing was, I was separated with all my good friends - en, tracy, vanessa, bing. lol! I was in the same group with engseng, cheeseng, wee minn, eric, to name but a few.

I purposely tucked in my shirt so that I could take a picture with them hahaha!

Now, pictures time!

Wahahaha, this is a super epic funny pic of me don't know doing what. but for sure, I was not digging any gold can! Just doing something stupid in front of the cam hahaha!

Grab the ball grab the ball!

See, tracy you so bad laughed at en hahaha. *I was laughing too*

Picture credited to Cally and Wan Huay :) you know, I think cameramen / camerawomen / cameraboys / cameragirls are very great because they take great moment of the others.

hahaha, apparently I was trying to block jia wei from helping his teammates haha I was so bad right.

Another funny picture because vanessa was like so enjoying watching them crazy-ing over A ball.

After 3 periods of captain ball, we finally needed to go back to class for physics lessons. Of course before we left, must take a picture first ;)

I was looking at the other side because en and eric were running funnily because they were afraid that they missed the photo session hahaha!

Take 1,

take 2,

take 3,

take 4,

take 5,

take 6! super thank you to our beloved Tracy for bringing her awesome Canon S90 and the zor deng tripod stand so that we can set the timer and take picture on our own. ♥ Awesome you ♥

In class, (I stole pictures which I personally like like from Tracy, Xin Ee and Wan Huay) ♥

A formal picture with sweet wency ♥

The story began with, en and I saw the picture of vanessa giving a kiss to tracy. So we were jealous and wanted to kiss her also! hahahaha. This is what we called 强吻 :P haha!

Nuffnanger and Ah boon you two banyak gay can XD

Loving this picture because no messy background here! so nice ♥

Lastly, I am ending this entry with a group picture of us edited by Thuansong ♥

Quote of the day : Luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.
Denzel Washington – actor

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