Sunday, November 21, 2010

Farewell Party

It was St.John Majlis Perpisahan oh yeah! I told them I didn't want to go one but since exam is around the corner of course I die die must go enjoy myself, run away from the stupid revision.

We played games, this was my group hahaha, shao qian was a girl lah normal.

Opponent group

Zhihan and I :) hahaha! We were the victim for the balloon-stepping I don't know what to call xD

Huey Khim and I we both wore green pants!

hahahaha, skipping away because they wanted to destroy my balloon!

Okay, I was indeed very sampat,

Pleaseeeeeeeeeee don'tttttttt breakkkkkk myyyyyyy balloonnnnnnn!

Jump shots,

My hair was super messy omg!

okay again!

The early bird, we were waiting for the others,

I think our juniors were quite bao li coz all games also very bao li -,- hahaha jkjk!

Thuan song kena hukum,

We got lollipops! omg so kiddy,

At night, BBQ time.

The girls,

Chilling in the living room after eating,

Later, was champagne time!

I had no idea how to open so ying jing helped me :P

Ying jing also couldn't open so thuan song helped her,

I thought it was about to "POP" and flew up the air,

butttttt, ended up the cork just "pheww" macam lau hong and drop to the floor! walao epic fail! XD


Then, the juniors prepared Kong Ming lantern (was illegal one) hahaha! I was writing my wishes,

Engseng, Me and Ah boon! (oh ya, the MP was held at Wenhui a.k.a Ah boon's sister's house) hahaha, so we had lots of fun with the cute boy!

Rasa Sayang Hey!!!!

Chatting with the classmates, :) aw I miss them!

Releasing the kong ming lantern under the rain!

Receiving souvenir from juniors,

Group picture of the BEKAS! :D

Group picture of everyone who attended!

Lastly, I'll end this entry with a pic of kong ming lantern full of wishes :D haha!

Well, I try my best to keep my blog update alright? I hope you guys still visit :) and sorry for the short short caption hehehe, nevermind since, pictures speak a thousand words! hehehehehe.

SPM is in two days time. OMG, OMG, OMG I don't feel really nervous but I will feel super nervous when I think of getting the result back. I hope it won't look like shit.

God Bless Me! 

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