Monday, April 5, 2010

I was too nervous

Had a performance with en and the others on 28th of March @ bukit tinggi.
Went to her house first.
Feeling very boring, so we camwhored! hahaha =)


Finished preparing ourselves.
Tracy joined us too =) hehehe!
We were excited, but I was very nervous! -,-

En and Tracy!

After teacher did make-ups for us.

Tracy and I!

Unique and Matthew practising.
They are very great you know!
Bu yao xiao kan ren jia! =D

Performance started. OMG, you couldn't see me, for sure! bwahahaha!

Performance ended! hahahahaha!

Unique and Matthew

Woah, don't know why I like this!


The same kids again =D
I like to watch them dancing.



Spot the noob person

I was very bad, seriously!

Lastly, group picture =)

I love them!

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