Friday, April 30, 2010

En's Big Day!

24th of April was en's birthday. ;)

Made a present for her.

Took a picture in class.
The card was made by Sze Chin :) so nice, and huge!
from left, me, en, craze and bying!

After recess, took a 6s group picture :)
not all of you came but, still very nice lah. hehe.

After school, we went for a lunch @ sabi wasabi.
our girls' favourite.
None of the guys turned up, so three of us just enjoyed ourselves lah! :P

The birthday Girl.

crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xp

and I!

1# The first dish.
I don't eat sashimi!
so two of them finished the whole thing ;P

After long seeing them eating, I decided to give it a try.
OMG, so kan cheong.
Later not nice then wasted liao.

Okay, I really feel that sashimi is very GELI, I don't like!
but I forced myself to swallow the whole thing because it was very rude to spit it out.


This was super yum!



7# Temaki!

8# 9#
Unagi softshell and Klang maki!
mine and tracy's favourite. :)

Black Sesame ice-cream
It's quite special, and yummy!

ME, EN, and CRAZE!



Before we left,
took a picture first! hahahaha

The birthday Girl! hehehehehe.
Finally you are seventeen, must be more mature liao loh!

Had a real nice day with them ;)

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