Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sky blue is the new love

Painted our classroom sky blue yesterday. =D hahahaha. There were a lot of work.

Firstly we needed to clean thousand of spider webs. hahahaha *I know I am being a little hyperbola now but there were really a lot!

Then swept the floor and all those normal stuffs which must be done during gotong-royong.

And finally, painting! woohoo. I paint, I couldn't believe that I actually do painting. hahaha. They asked us to paint the original colour back but I didn't know why it turned out to be sky blue. But also nice lah, for me. =)

Oh ya, Mr.Joshua finally changed our classroom tables. OMG finally we have normal tables huh. phew.

Nothing much about yesterday. It was fun but I got a stupid bruise on my wrist. Super painful! =(

Just update for the sake of updating. =P

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