Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brief update

Hello! =) I'm here again! hahaha.

Nothing for me to update lah. Everyday is the same, told you - wake up, schooling, sleeping, tuition-ing, daydreaming, eating, homeworks-ing, syok sendiri-ing and that's the end of the day! hahaha. Very boring right? Lol, anyone has any idea how to liveabetterway? phew =( I'm such a failure to live like that.

Ah, there is one different in my school life this year. I DO PJ! Can you believe that, omg I really exercise and sweat during PJ class. wahahaha, that's so unbelievable because I never do that in the past. Anyway, that is fun and relaxing =) hehehehe. Usually I just play badminton loh because I am very noob in basketball. hahaha.

And also, I need to say thousand apologies to YJ here. =P Sorry that I dissapointed you. I knew I would piss you off one day. I'm so sorry!

Homeworks are like mountains this year. School + Tuition class. UGH, I particularly hate to do tuition homeworks the most. SO FEI. But I saw GT rotan students so kaolat last week and I'm sacred. =P SO? I am going to do her homeworks every week. EVIL person lah she use this kind of method. Sigh*

Overall, that's it. Nothing much and nothing special. I hope that it would be better anyway =)


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