Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Buddy =)

Thursday was zhihan's birthday. =) So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl! I hope you really like my little present. hahahahahaha.

All the best! =D


Secondly, I had a hair cut. Um, same pattern but shorter. -,- I memang don't know whether I should cut my fringe short or not. Ugh, dilemma! XP hahaha.


And! Yesterday en photocopied the sejarah nota for me. OMG, it's so good of her. Then during chinese period I felt so bored then wanted to tear a little bit piece of paper to play with lor. Who knows, I so cho lo piaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk! The whole paper was gone. -,-

Sigh, why am I so terrible, horrible and vegetable? =(

The last thing was better =) My brother came back from Penang for the early reunion dinner. Wahahaha, so long time didn't see him already. LOL, saw his hair? Almost botak. XP He kept on asking me not to post any of his pictures up because he felt so ugly in his botak hair. But for me, it's still okay lah. =) Boleh tengok. haha!

that's all!

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