Wednesday, January 6, 2010

School still x

Sigh* School still sucks till now. Everyday I feel so sleepy in the class. Very boring, quiet and lonely sometimes.

Forget about it.

Life changes back to ROUTINE again. Every morning wake up at 5.30am, then go school, sien-ing, come back, tuition or dance classes, do homework, sleep. The next day repeat the same thing again. wth.

I don't know if this will maintain till the end of the year or what. But if yes, I can die liao lah. OMG, sooooo super duper sien.

IDK lah. My temper is bad recently and mood is not very good also. So, life is just so miserable for me now.

. . . . . . . . .

Maybe I should go for a movie tomorrow. =) hahahaha, or shopping? hehehehe. Or hang out with my besties! yeay, that will be the best. =D

Yea, let's imagine!

Daydreaming will be the best thing to do in year 2010.

wahahahahaha -

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