Saturday, January 2, 2010

New year baby

Happy Birthday to TAN KHER CHING! She finally officially is seventeen years old! bwahahaha =) Don't worry you are still a very young girl. =) hehe.

Hmm, we planned to surprise her at her house when the clock stroke twelve. hehehe. And we made it. =) So, just simply summarized the really busy yet happy and memorable day.

We headed to aeon to get her present done in the morning.
*last minute work* =P

Actually we wanted to watch a movie with her in the afternoon but sadly she couldn't turn up. So I spent my time with him watching AVATAR again. =x hahahaha, still very nice =D When we came out, it was already evening.

Quickly we took a taxi to pjing's house. This was really the first time we met such a nice driver, his jokes are really jokes. hahaha. very funny! These pictures were taken in her room.

Then, kailing's daddy came to pick us up to her house. hehehehehe. At her house, we camwhored again. Really feeling super bored and lazy to do anything.

very colourful!

Kailing made us mushroom soup and garlic bread! yeeehaa =D so yummy!

Camwhore time.

Okay, there are really a lot of pictures but I can't upload them all. LOL. Finally, it was eleven thirty already! OMG, we were all super late. We rushed to kherching's house and get everything prepared. Actually we wanted to play party sprays one, but we couldn't dirty up the place so we give up on that. The area was sooo quiet! Hello, it was new year eve and nobody was outside, we couldn't find even one person in the playground.

When it was right at twelve o'clock, we surprised her lah of course. XD She never expect that we would go to her house.

Partied outside for a while then stepped into the house. Five of us were all very busy with our cell phones. SMS non-stop.
I received this message! Read and laugh.

Those who received the same message know who is this person lah. Aduhaiiiii, soooooooo ben dan o! XD hahaha. I laughed non-stop. *sorry but I am really a good laugher. A little bit then can laugh very long already. So if you think it's not funny, then just let me laugh. hahahahahaha =D what a cute person!

seriously I really love her closet!

After all the SMS done, cake time!


I want these!

sampat viv XP

ching and I!

The next morning we headed to centro starbucks. Hehehehehe, crap a lot a lot there! Everything, girls' talk okay =P

birthday girl =)

mango passion fruit juice

five of us =D

I love the 5 INGs! =D
Again, Happy Birthday Kherching!

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