Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shopping spree is slightly on

Aunt brought me to shopping at Jusco. =) hehehehe! Actually I didn't really have the mood to shop after the school reopened. But when I started shopping, woohoo, my shopping spree came back!

So erm, due to my limited budget, I only bought one thing and VOIR gave me such a big paper bag! *not plastic bag okay. OMG I felt like I was so funny when she gave me that but I didn't know how to tell her "no need". Aiya nevermind lor, maybe someday I will need it. =P

Um, bought something that I will NOT buy usually. I guessed I let the insanity controlled me. SO CHAM! But I like it lah. =P

Well, went to Aeon at night. Sister bought Tiger Woo Hoo tickets but I couldn't join them because I have something else to do. SIEN lorr. And kailing you know who I met? Hoho you will be super mad at me lah because you want to meet him not me. XP Aiyor don't go crazy okay. =) *Next time you can come to my house one. bwahaha =x

Loves. =)

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