Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Big Fat Pig

OMG, I feel like slapping myself today!

I skipped chemistry class because .. I overslept again! OMG. Then jiu suan le. En's mum was fetching me mar, then upon reaching my house she already texted me. I was sleeping, then of course I didn't see the message. Then she gave me 5 miss calls! Usually whenever I hear the ring tone I can wake up one. But don't know why this afternoon I really slept like a PIG.

Yor, so cham. Then she got down from the car and rushed into my room and woke me up. =x Yor, so paiseh lah. I think I let her mum waited long. =( Yorrr yorrr yorr, firstly, I feel so guilty man, for wasting their time. Secondly, I hate myself so much lah, always sleep sleep sleep like a PIG aje. Somemore skipped my important chemistry class. Duh.

He said, "Nevermind lah this is not the first time also." ..... cheh! xD hahahaha. I guess no one dares to fetch me anymore. xp very kaolat lah me!

I am The Big Fat Pig. =(

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