Sunday, January 17, 2010


Okay firstly, my cell phone is so lao ah pek! So lousy so lousy so louseeeeeeeee. I can't receive any messages or calls now. Only sometimes I can call. The other time, it lags! UGH, so pek cek! so friends, if you need to talk to me, don't text or call me, call my house number.

Secondly, I attended training this afternoon. Um, I have to say thousand sorries here because I overslept AGAIN! xp OMG, I supposed to be at HQ at 9am but I woke up at 11am and reached there at 11.30am. wahahahaha =P I am so sorry! I know I am a pig. Anyway, my first aid and home nursing knowledges are sooo super little now. I don't know how to do everything man. -,- UGH! Pek cek, I AM so LOUSY. Need to start reading the abc again. =(

Anyway, I feel so sad for the Haiti's people. Natural disaster and chaos. God bless!!

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