Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm furious!

Well, kind of lazeeee recently in updating blog. Of course firstly I have nothing to update lah but secondly, I am really lazy lazy lazy.

Yesterday during Biology lesson, suddenly those prefects came in and said "spot check" Shitty! I was not going back after school mar of course I brought handphone lar walao eh so gan jiong. I langsung didn't have the time to find a place to hide my handphone. So, I just stood still and left my place. =x OMG, I really prayed to God that they would NOT find it. And yes, thanks to God, they did not find anything. =P

How lucky was I. But my comb, mirror and chewing gums were confiscated lah nevermind cheap things except for my comb from China. -,- Very expensive lor hmph. No choice went to claim it back from PUSH after school. Bullshit one I hate to see her lah stupid face. -,- Ming ming I was correct but she was so vexatious. Then I stood there talking to her for a long time then finally she gave me my comb bleh =P

Stupid one. Like what Zhi Xiang has said, spot check is definitely a meaningless activity. Stupid stupid stupid. HMPH. *I know I am wrong also but I still very bu shuang =P

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