Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kids are just so cute!

Last Sunday, I met all my cutie cute cousins.

the prettiest sisters.

the mei mei.

take 2.
aiyor, so CUTE. =D


another cousin sister joined them.

so sweet-looking.

but they are bad!
rampas my haagen dazs ice-cream! =(

aha! these were yesterday pictures.
Brother played piano for ME xp
how hang fuk. =P

he said "da jie, which song do you want to listen worr?"

then he played seriously. -,- xp

then, when i wanted to leave him, he said again "大姐你不要听 liao meh?"
aduiii xp i laughed instantly. hahahaha.

Being a kid is sooo nice.
Kids are very ignorance.
When they are happy, they can laugh very loudly.
When they are sad, they can cry lagi loudly. xp

Love kids. =)

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