Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am not crying.

When I cry, there are different situations.

Sometimes, I cry because I really want to cry. Meaning, I'm feeling sad or depressed lah. But NOT every time.
I can cry because I am too happy. I can also cry when I am very touched. Right?
I can even cry, I mean tears rolling down my cheeks when I yawn non-stop. xp
Sometimes when my lenses become very dry, so I drip some solution into my eyes, then it also looks like I'm crying what. -,-

So, tears appearing in my eyes doesn't mean that I am crying! LOL. -,-

*some people are really funny. xD*

* * *

As usual, wake up early in the morning, get myself prepared to school, go to school, daydream in class, go to toilet for N times because I have nowhere to go, come back home, eat, bathe, sleep, online and bla bla bla. Nothing more than else to do already. -,- aduhaiiiii, current school life is memang banyak miserable. Somemore, some teachers are teaching again! Give homeworks lah. so boring! sigh*

And now, I am facing conflicts, again. He says that I love to find problems. LOL. So irony lah, don't know what to do. -,- Life's like that, if there is no problem at all, then your brain will not be functioning and that is not called LIFE. sigh*


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