Sunday, November 15, 2009


Friday, went to nowhere but delta and after that en's house. Okay, undeniably i love gt at that night because she was FINALLY punctual. =) hehehe. Then to en's house for a movie =DDDD the feeling was so great! We watched bride wars. =) I prefer to watch movie at her house lah, compared to cinema. Need to pay somemore. -,-

That night was so great, but only until 11.30pm.

Then, disaster happened.

你每天笑脸迎人, 别人就以为你不会哭.
当你哭了, 别人就会觉得那只是虚伪.

你每天都很正经, 别人就以为你是一个很成熟的人.
若有一天, 你变得很幼稚, 别人就会觉得你神经病.

你每一次都考得好成绩, 别人就以为你很聪明.
若有一次, 你失败了, 你就大祸临头.

你每一次都对别人好, 别人就以为那是理所当然.
若你一不小心对他人不好, 别人就觉得你变了, 变得很烂.

这就是人. 我也是人. 无可否认, 我也是这样.

* 大人和小孩也是人啊! *

I know I am lousy, and i am really saying that I AM LOUSY. so why can't you think in a simpler way? I don't mean anything and you, think so much, and think that I mean something. Okay, fine. I don't have anymore things to say.

I'm really really upset. And, I don't want to mention about that anymore. To friends who are very concern about this matter, thank you for your concern =) I know you care about me. But, thank you. I really don't want to speak about that matter.

Love is shit. No matter what kind of love is that.

This whole world is full of SHIT.

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