Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shop till drop.

Yeayyyyyyy =) Yesterday went to sunway pyramid with the girls. Luckily viv morning called me in the morning, if not i sure oversleep again. xp Kl was sick that day, too bad =( sigh* Nevermind, we still shopped a lot. xp hahahaha, but bought a little.

* pictures will be uploaded later. But only very very little. Because we don't have the mood to take pictures. xp hahaha.

Ummm, went back early with viv because i have my two hours class after that. -,- sigh*

Then at night, mummy brought us to go shopping again. xD lol. I almost lemas baju on that night. The shop assistant kept on giving me clothes for trying. Aduhhhhhh. -,- I felt like running away from that place. xD soooooo KONG BU. =x Then the shop was closing up, they still didn't want to let us go. Keep on try try try and ask us to buy buy buy. -,- *faint*

Legs are super pain now. My muscles are getting so keat. ADUH.

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