Friday, November 6, 2009

kaki aeon

Well, went to aeon twice today!! -,- sigh*

Today i suppose to wake up at 7 something, the latest also 7.30am.

Then i receive a phone call from en at 10 something. -,- woah! oversleep again. ADUHAI! I quickly get myself prepared and ask mummy to fetch me to aeon. -,- Meet en there and we go shopping with sze chin too =) hehehehe. Bought very very little things only, i don't feel like spending too much money today. =) hehehe. After both the girls are back, i go loitering around in the mall, doing nothing with the love one =) hehehe, and with zy and sh. OMG, a stupid fellow snatched her handbag yesterday at eng ann. aduiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, so BAD! stupiak.

After gt tuition class, mummy bring us to aeon again. o.o ADUIIII, sister and I go shopping again lorr. sigh* so boring there, nothing to buy, nothing to shop. urgh.

* * *

Guess most of you watch the Queen of no Marriage right? I watch too, sometimes. hehehehe.

男人和女人说谎是有分别的. "男人说谎, 是要让自己好过一点. 女人说谎, 是要让对方好过一点." 是真的吗? 我不觉得. 或许是, 但不是每个男人都这样.

no offence.

I love you. =) *I'm excited! hehe xp

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