Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Being optimistic.

Well, try to be more optimistic. =D hehehehe.

Hmmmm, during the holidays, I want to ...
1. watch 2012
2. watch new moon =)
3. go for holidays with the girls =)
4. go for prom
5. go for holidays with my family =)
6. complete my homeworks
7. exercise more *i'm getting fat lah duh.
8. and .. a lot more. xp

Maybe it's still very boring, but at least i have something to do, have something that I CAN DO. -,- lol.

School is very very very boring today. I was sleeping in the class. And, the biology teacher was teaching again! ADUIIIII. -,- I am very phobia of her "let us continue ho". Everytime also teach teach teach teach teach, rush rush rush rush rush, a bit like NORMAN TAI SI. xp sorry lah. hehehe.

* for my beloved one. =)

"舍得, 舍得, 有舍才有得." 看开一点吧! =) 我们永远在你的身边支持你的.=)

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