Thursday, November 5, 2009


Okay, i find that i am now becoming normal already. =) isn't this improving? hehehe. and WE are also improving, i think so. =)

Yesterday I am feeling very unsecured, can't sleep. Therefore i just laid on the bed for don't know how long, then slowly dozed off. lol, hate that. Today woke up early in the morning as usual, i never think to skip schools, i don't know why. xp Maybe at home, i have nothing to do as well.

Erm, school today is still Boring. hahahaha. Biology teacher let us carry out an experiment. woahhhh, i am so serious today, finally! xp hahahaha. I always play and play and play in the lab only, never want to be serious. Then we somemore shake ourselves because the 87 marks one asks us to shake. xp hahahahaha. *this is an inside joke* Um, skip classes most of the time. I'm so bored staying in class doing nothing. xp yea, actually i have lots of homeworks to do, but, where that mood comes from? I just bring them to school for fun.

Tomorrow is the form fives' graduation day. =) hehehe. I don't really have any good friends there, therefore i guess i might not be going to school. And also due to transportation problem. -,- zzzz. Anyway, i still want to wish all my seniors and friends there, enjoy your big day and good luck, all the best in spm and also in the future. =)

I'm hungry again. -,- *sifeipo*

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