Sunday, November 15, 2009

Love is irrational.

Well, feeling better from yesterday till now. =) Trillion Thank Yous to HIM. Yes, the only him. But, wound is still the wound. When I see him, I still feel hurt and upset. My heart will ache suddenly and it keeps on aching. The wound will heal, someday. But the scar will forever be there.

Hmmm, words hurt.

I wish I won't have to speak from now on. But sadly, I love to speak. =(

So, just let it be. It will fade. I guess.

* * *

I am finally proceeding with my new moon today. =) hehehe. I know I'm slow. But no choice, I am always very slow in reading because i seldom read. =) hahaha. Umm, came across to this just now.

"Love is irrational. The more you loved someone, the less sense anything made."

That's very true.

Ummm, I am thinking to change my blog url. what do you think? *-)

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