Sunday, November 15, 2009

We were warned.


Today is a bright and pleasant day. =) Thank God.

Ummm, daddy wakes me up EARLY in the morning to have my lunch. Sigh, no choice. I have to wake up because the whole family is waiting for sister and I. Quickly dress myself up, and head to Aeon AGAIN. -,- Always only this place in klang. Sigh. Then ermmm, have Papa John for the very first time, umm, I comment it NOT BAD. xD After that, sooo lucky, I manage to purchase six 2012 tickets when all the sessions are FULL. soo terrible man.

We still have about two hours before the movie commences. So, as usual, sister and I go shopping and loitering in the mall for two hours. Yeah, buy something again. xp heh heh.

The movie 2012 takes sooo long time. I think almost three hours. The movie is very sad and scary for me. I think I need to watch for the second time, like the other movies. =P Friends, you know what i mean. heh heh. Ummm, hope that 2012 will not happen in reality, because the scenes are really horrible, although very geh geh lah. xp hahahahaha.

Oh, meet wei pin and my beloved YINLI. =) hehehe. Seriously, I miss you a lot girl! Forget to ask, how do you do? =)

Come home, dinner is prepared. Ahhh, terus eat.

Thanks to God for giving me a pleasant day. =) Thank you. hehehehe.

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