Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's all crap.

Just post some pictures here to make my blog colourful. xp but they're all crap. hahahaha.

This was what I did all the way to butterworth.

he was actually singing.

lan si heng. xp

he just love to act cute. xp

see? good sister.
I was checking my sister's homeworks.

I personally like this picture. =P

nah, she WAS so diligent.

Then at night, we went for dinner.

this four dishes cost us about RM500.

lunch on second day.
see, I was doing the same thing again.

daiiiiiiiii xp

yeah, my NEW MOON. =D
can't wait!

third day.
was doing the same thing AGAIN.

two super zi lian po. xp


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