Wednesday, November 4, 2009


今天我的情绪起伏很大. 哈哈哈哈...

我想, 身边的人都应该不是很受得了吧?




k chill. =) Today is a quite pleasant day for me although some really unpleasant matters happen after school. =D hehehehe. But, i know, happiness will not last long. So, just appreciate what you are having NOW. 珍惜当下, 别让自己后悔.=) I don't know when everything will come to an end. 顺其自然吧!=)

I know all these are going very wrong, but there is no u-turn for me. I have to be responsible and accept what i have chosen, and lastly, keep on moving =D hehehe. for a better tomorrow? hope so.

Trying to behave normally.

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