Saturday, October 2, 2010

Half Giving Up

Heh heh heh,

Yours truly woke up at 3.30pm this afternoon.
Then went to attend dance class.

In the evening had dinner at Funa Zushi
Then went for a shop at Aeon!
but I bought nothing sigh*

And now, I am blogging -,-

SO, the conclusion is
walaoeh, I banyak angry with myself :'(

also quite happy lah,
very relaxing hehe :P

Dream about life after SPM,
I'm going to play as much as I can,
attending interesting classes, having parties,
hanging out with friends, keeping fit,
and doing everything I like! :D

Ahhh, I wish that
time flies faster now, flies slower after trial, flies fast again during SPM, 
slow down again after SPM :) wheee! 

How I wish I was a time controller. 

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