Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The best teacher Janie ♥

I ter-skipped this post.
It should come before BBQ steamboat at 88.

It was Friday,
and I was having my last english tuition class with Teacher Janie :)

She was teaching me English since I was in standard two.
En standard one, even earlier.
She reserved a place for me in her class because I am her neighbour!
Imagine attending tuition class at the house beside yours
is so convenient! I can even wake up at 8pm and reach there within 1 minute.

I never take her classes like one of those tedious tuition classes.
Because I think her classes are interesting :)
I love it so I never quit.
Now, high school and spm are going to be over, so do the tuition classes.
(but I heard that colleges and universities have tuition classes too, is that true?)

Whatever, my concept - I'll stop whatever tuition classes after I graduate.


So we planned to surprise teacher to thank her for educating us for so many years.
She's a good teacher :)

I will only remember to do her homeworks.
I just don't know why! hahahaha.

I start to like English because of her :)

So, thank you Teacher Janie!

this was me cutting the cake!
I messed up the table but I succeeded cutting the cakes into 17 pieces.

Jiekai the Gentleman of The Day! haha.

There is she, smiling and enjoying Tuitti Fruity!

Pig rongkai and Aik Shien (I'm sorry if I spell your name wrongly ><)

Ai Ying, Su Yee, Vivian!

Huey Jing and Min Qian

Haha, we stood eating, so funny.

The guys, pig rongkai, aaron, jiekai, victor goh.
Too bad Jia Wei didn't turn up that night, he missed the fun!

Me and En ♥

The Power of Girls!

hahahaha see? I think I can start working part-time at Secret Recipe :PPP

Hahaha, small but cosy :)

Tracy, Huey Jing and Zuer

The guys opened a bottle of red wain for everybody. Duh duh.

pig rongkai sangat untung because he got to take a picture so close with Vivian lol!

Say cheers!
I purposely stucked myself in the middle because I wanted the camera to capture me! :P

the 3 musketeers ♥

Take two oh I think I can drink :P

"you are now become husband and wife"

So fast drunk already? No!

Zuer and Tracy, whee taken by me :)

Group picture but Jia Wei was not inside.

I really had a good hour that night :)

After that, we washed this group picture out and framed it.
I curi-curi put the present into the postbox at teacher's house.
Omg, her dog Bubu macam wanted to bite me because I acted like a thief. hahaha!

Then I asked Tracy to send teacher a message
"Please find out what's in your postbox now. Handle with care."
ohhhh, macam received bomb, choi!

I think they got worried a while. haha!

Surprise Suceeded!


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