Tuesday, October 12, 2010

88 BBQ Steamboat ♥

On Saturday,
I went for a BBQ steamboat with the buddies.

Yo, say peace! :)
(but I think my peace terbalik liao -,-)

I was having my ballet class.
Luckily Yungwen could fetch me there if not I'd miss the fun again.
So I really had a bad hair night, bad costume ...
Everything on me just looked so bad especially my hair macam botak :P
Anyway, as long as I had fun with them ♥

Teehee, Tracy ♥

Zhangyik and Weileong
Lol seriously I did nothing there just kept eating.

Almost done, almost done!

Nah, this huge businessman was so busy on the phone.
But still thank you lah for giving me a ride there.
So I'd call you The Gentleman Of The Day! hahahaha!

Hahaha, see? Macam sami.

eric, tracy and en ♥

Both of them were still eating when everyone had stop eating.
Of course lah, so damn expensive you know.
Per person rm20 and I think the girls only ate rm5.
Better for the guys, but still, not worth it I think.

Shao Qian's bulu :PPPPP
*inside joke*

Hahahaha camwhoring with eric!

Say peace again :D
He was in Cameran Highland - another inside joke! lol

Yungwen and Eric

The girls, always this three only. haha!
so we are the 3 musketeers!!!!

The guys ;)
Too bad BK couldn't turn up.

The group picture!

Take two ♥

Then, we had two drivers that night. hahaha!
So we decided to go somewhere else.
Wei Leong's place was the one!

Oh, a steady Ahmad :PPPPPP

Zhangyik was following behind. teehee!

This showed huge contrast.
Do you get me? :P

The girls at Weileong's place♥

Camwhored with Tracy,
and En was the photobomber!

we really had nothing to do apart from watching tv,
so we decided to take a walk around the housing area.

Yungwen: "hey look my car is so nice!"
Weileong: "cheh mine is nicer lah, so chio somemore!"
Hahahaha, I created one, so ignore.

Say peace again, lol we could never get bored of Peacing.

Yungwen really didn't like to walk like this,
so the drivers drove us to a cafe nearby.
Bangi Cafe again.
The drinks there were so bad, somemore so expensive.

I shall end this entry with a photo my me again! hahaha.
Drinking Honeydew Smoothies, hehe!

I really enjoy the time being with the buddies,

♥ much loves ♥ 

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