Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh so happy!

I know the girls can't wait for the pictures so I post this first :)

Yesterday was our sweetest kailing's birthday!
After school, pjing, munjie, the birthday girl and I went to Jusco for a simple celebration.
Too bad viv and kherching couldn't make it if not it would be perfect.

Well, the first thing I have to say here is:
the public transportation sucks, alot!
We waited for like 45 minutes in the school for the bus to come.
So lousy, I know the actual time is like that one but can't you just come more frequently
hello is a school leh and students can always take a bus instead of walking under the stupid sun.
Okay, enough of complains.

so we decided to have our lunch at Pizza because we got the free voucher for the NIE stuff.
hehehehehe, four of us only ate one personal pepperoni beef, four chicken wings, and four mushroom soup.
ohhh I think our stomach are quite small coz usually I will eat more :P

Actually I planned to surprise kailing when she went to buy the movie tickets
but epic fail because she came back too early before I got the cake.

The cake was cute, so small and it was a black forest cake ♥

whee, the birthday girl ♥

make a wish dear :)


blow the candles

and finally cut the cake!

well, the sweet girl really looks good in all pictures right?



look at the cake!
say, cute or not?????? :P
I made the sticks and I was afraid that they would look weird. haha!
love the five of you girls ♥

four of us managed to finish the whole cake in a short time.
(oh lucky us to order very little only)

Then, they went for a movie and I went home because I couldn't stay so long outside.

of course I followed them to the cinema
because I wanted to kit the popcorn
poppylicious ♥
pjing and munjie ♥
*pjing was looking blur in all the pics -,-*

aw, munjie and I ♥

the birthday girl and munjie ♥

aww, me and the birthday girl!

see, munjie always looks so cool,

heh heh heh

it was a simple but nice day with the girls :)
Well, the present for kailing is not ready yet
so I gave her a sweet little Forrero Rocher ♥

Lastly, I wished my dearest a superb


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