Thursday, October 28, 2010

School Life

This post is so random, most of the pictures are not related to each other.

School life recently is like sien dao bao zha, I am not going to do any homeworks in school ( I don't know why I can't) and most of my classmates, alright almost all of them are always doing their homeworks or exercises very diligently. So I am like a super sien person, loitering around the class doing nothing, kacau people, doing nonsense and what not. So the most buddy of mine I think it will be ah boon because he is as duo luo as I am. hahahaha, jia you lah :)

This is super nice right? A home sweet home, somemore cute :)
*sivik project titled recyling something like that*

and look at this, simple but I like it.  hahaha :P

It came back like that owhh !

Tracy brought her chocolates to school and of course, how could I resist CHOCOLATES!

so good,

hahaha ah boon my duo luo partner zzz -,-

hahaha I think this picture is uber cute,

went to the benches there on a Wednesday, to get some fresh air and free our mind,

I just love this place in school,

wei neng's table decoration, he sibeh zilian one, :P

I think he changed alot after being in love, woohoo hahaha!

my class, stressed but let's change it to desserts, agree?

well well well, this is my favourite place of all because I want to be under the fan, right under! super hot lah the weather :(

hahahaha I have no idea what was he doing at that time,

let's dance!

tracy wanted to show me that I peed, but I don't think I look like one, heh heh.

TRK stands for? Tan Rongkai :P

let me present you,
en's drawing!

tracy's and zhangyik's one, can you see the difference oh?

hahaha a killer's eyes xD

act poor sangat,

crazy and gayish guys,

I personally think that this picture is cute, set it as your profile pic eric! hahaha,

and I personally think that this picture is so not cute,

my beloved musketeers,

I don't look nice at all with the hat on because I have my hair tied up and I just look weird because I must take care of my tidy hair,

this is uber nice because she has a short hair and can wear comfortably :)

en en,

zhangyik hahaha!

of course, I'll still end this post with a picture of mine,

school life is boring, yes is boring but I shall enjoy the moment wearing my pinafore before I graduate. I don't know how it would be after that but at least I know, I love the way it is now.

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