Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where is my passion?

I lost my passion towards life.
I think life is kind of boring.

You know,
I even lose my passion towards shopping,
shopping you know???

Yesterday I went for a little shop at Aeon after Alfred's class.
I bought nothing, I couldn't even buy a cloth or a book.
I found everything was so meaningless and why should I buy?

And, I am getting sick of those double person!
everyday pura-pura and acts differently in different places.
Can you stop doing that is very disgusting you know?
You are the one doing that so you don't know how geli is that.

Plus all the natural disasters which happen recently in different
corner of the world makes me feel so sad.
I think the world is collapsing.

And, to certain people (you know who you are)
Please respect other people can?
Don't think you are the greatest or whatsoever.
You are just bullshitting.

Don't worry people, I am just being a little emo because
I am seriously sick of studying. I know it is very important,
but can you give me some time to breathe?
I know what I am doing, or maybe I don't know at all.
But hey, do you know the feelings of sitting for like N times of exam a year?
Generation changes, you can't take this to compare. It is superly unfair.
This is what we call Generation Gap.

Oh by the way, I said I wanted to share quotes with you guys right?
I hope that the quote can help me, or whoever is reading.

The energy of the mind if the essence of life.
Aristotle – philosopher

Mind is super important. It controls everything.
So I might as well start thinking good ;)

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